Ukulele Town


Sara Spade has teamed up with her friend Katy Ashworth of Cbeebies ‘You can cook’ and created an interactive workshop and live show for kids and their parents.

This lively and fun show is called ‘Ukulele Town’ and is designed to empower young children with the experience of learning an instrument and then taking it on stage to play and sing with the band.

The show takes the audience on an imaginary musical journey through a little town where all the madcap characters can only communicate with song and dance.  It will make you laugh with new songs and old favourites. Be prepared for acrobatics, pet dinosaurs, playing crazy pirates, boogieing, rhyming and body percussion.

“Writing this show and all the songs with Katy has been SO much fun.   If the audience enjoy it half as much as we’ve enjoyed dreaming up this crazy stuff we’ll be onto a winner!   Of course they might think we’re just plain BONKERS, but then we don’t mind that either . . . “

Instruments are provided for 30 workshop participants who will then go on to star in the show’s finale with Katy, Sara and of course some very Noisy Boys.

The first show is at Battle Arts Festival in East Sussex on October 25th.   Click here.